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General Report Manager

Call General Report Manager (GRM) tool or main menu - tools - General Report Manager...

GRM Toolbar

Creating a new report

There are 2 options available:

  1. Create the report from scratch.
  2. Import the report.

Creating the report from scratch

  1. Using the navigation tree, mouse Right-Click on the Reports label.
  2. Choose the menu item: 'New Empty Report'.
  3. Enter the name for the new report group and the new name.
  4. Rename reports, if required, by right-clicking on the menu item: 'Rename Report'.
  5. Three tabs will be displayed: SQL, Lua and htt.
  6. Choose the tab: SQL, insert the SQL script into the editor window, check that the SQL script finishes with a semicolon, then press the Save button.
  7. Press the Test button to execute the SQL script.
  8. If the test is passed the Create Template button will become available. Press it to generate an html template for the report.
  9. Press the 'Run' button to get the html report in the Output window.


Import report

There are a lot of reports provided by users or developers on github


If you have created any helpfull report it may be exported into zip file. Forum

Report Parameters

For mmex ver. 1.4.0 there is a possibility to transfer dates into a report's SQL script.
There are four options available: '&single_date', '&begin_date', '&end_date, '&budget_years'.
In case if a SQL contains one of the parameter above it will be replaced a date from a calendar widet.
For example, this SQL script returns all accounts balances for the specified date:


with b as (
    , (case when TRANSCODE = 'Deposit' then TRANSAMOUNT else -TRANSAMOUNT end) as TRANSAMOUNT
  union all
  where TRANSCODE = 'Transfer'
total(TRANSAMOUNT) + a.INITIALBAL as Balance
from ACCOUNTLIST as a, b
where a.STATUS = 'Open'
  and b.STATUS <> 'V'
  and b.TRANSDATE <= '&single_date'
group by a.ACCOUNTNAME order by a.ACCOUNTNAME asc;

GRM Date